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Helps reduce anxiety

I have anxiety, especially when it comes to doctors appointments. This app helps to keep you on track for deep breathing and helps reduce feelings of anxiousness. I have found that just 5 minutes a couple times a day really seems to help! I will be using this before my next doctor appointment and look forward to seeing if it decreases my anxiety levels. It’s an easy-to-use, no-brainer to download app. Thanks!

Great app

So simple to use without all that mental counting, which is contrary to relaxation & distracting.

By far one of the most simple and greatest apps

I'm a minimalist, so I was immediately attracted to the simple nature and functionality of this app. It focuses on one thing: breathing. That's it. And that's all you need. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and this app has become a tool in my toolbox that I go to when I'm in need. It has prevented attacks and calmed me down. Pair it with some relaxing music and you are golden. "To simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary can speak". Breathe.

So simple, yet so powerful!

This is a beautifully designed app. I love the simple, pretty audio cues that tell me when to breathe in/out because that way I can use this app with my eyes closed. Each time I breathe with this app, the breathing pattern feels a little counterintuitive, but after about a minute, my body adjusts and falls into a state of beautiful, calm relaxation. It puts me right to sleep! This app is an essential for anyone with anxiety or sleeping problems-- I use it daily. Much love to the creators!

simple and clean

needs haptic support like on the Apple Watch


Helps me both keep track of my counts and my mind from wandering.

At first, almost TOO simple.

There are no settings at all. You just start exhaling, then inhale, hold, and exhale. I think there should be some settings activated by 3D Touching on the blue circle to maybe change spacing in your breathe, or reminders to breathe like an Apple Watch. I also think a cool idea would be to use the Taptic Engine like the Apple Watch that gently taps to indicate beginning and double taps to end each breath. Really is simple and straightforward.

Sleep mode?

I love the minimalist nature of this app - and I have a suggestion to meet a real need - sleep mode. Perform a preset number of breathing cycles then stop. During those cycles, in/out breath sounds and/or very bright coloured light from the screen indicating cycles. I can't find anything like that and it would meet a very real need to help fall asleep.

Exactly what I was looking for.

Took me one cycle to get the pattern but now good. There is a visual. Perfect for the 4-7-8 breathing pattern. Only suggestion maybe a gentle chime as a cue as well so if you want to close your eyes. Thanks!!

Perfectly minimal!

Exactly what I was looking for, no stressing over pages of settings. No over-the-top sounds. Simple, relaxing. Perfect. (A version with background audio I'd pay for in a heartbeat!)

Health app

Health app support

This is ineffective

I was expecting to have a visual aid for breathing both in and out, not a button to press to visually exhale only. Please amend. Create a visual aid for both and I would love to redownload

Love it!

"The wiser the soul, the greater the simplicity"

Too minimalistic

Would be great if there was an option to turn the sound/music off and change the time intervals. The fact that it's just on or off is annoying.

Good app

It's perfect.i wish it had more about inhaling and exhaling proportions and of course i like this app had these proportions...Its one of the best Apps.


Helps me to calm down and take nice slow deep breaths.

Death by update

Update March 2016: the interface has improved somewhat since my last review (or at least the last review Apple recognizes, as it seems to have eaten my previous update). For some reason, however, the app turns off somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes which is very jarring. I may have to give up on this one, which is a shame, as I used to like it very much. Update: Sorry, I have to downgrade my original 5-star review. The new interface has nothing to offer. That's the kindest thing I could think of to say about it. Would be nice to have a choice to use the old one. Original review: I'm not always a fan of minimalism, but this app puts it to good use. There are no controls, only visual and audio cues to inhale, hold, and exhale. The opening tone of the inhale sequence changes subtly at 5-minute intervals so you have some idea of where you are in time. I'm grateful to find a meditation app that is free from cheesy music or narration. A gentle sequence of tones is all you hear. It would be nice to have a control for tempo. A timer and reminder would be useful, too, but that's easy to take care of with other apps.

Beautifully simple

I love how uncomplicated it is. I just wish the audio wouldn't go away in sleep mode. Having the visual and auditory prompts is great.

Simple, effective but could use some more

Let me start out by saying my doctor introduced me to this app. I suffer from anxiety and depression and I love how simple it is to use this and clear your mind. However I feel like there should be an adjustment on time, for how long the breaths are. Also many some different meditation colors and music? There is truly potential here.

Need to reinstall to avoid the crash

Don't like the words on screen, change other way to display it please. The lotus' transformation is unnatural.


I felt like my lungs were to small to hold that long. And I actually have good lungs. But other than that, I feel like it would help.

Nice gimmick

It won't be useful for me

Simplicity at its Best

Love the sheer simplicity of the app's interface. It could use a timer and automatic shut off. Maybe a choice of low background chants that could be turned on or off as well.


LOVE it. Incredibly simple. And super effective. The other day, my 9 year old son was in a talent show, and was nervous to the point of feeling like he was going to throw up. We gave him this app to breathe with, and 5 minutes later he felt completely better. Kudos to the developer for keeping it simple and gorgeous!


Very, very happy with this app.....perfect,simple, effective! Happy to recommend. Wish for a timer and another 15 minutes! Now wishing I could have the old simple blue circle back!

Needs some improvements.

It's an ok app. Very visual. You have to stare at your phone to get the cues to inhale, hold, or exhale. Not very relaxing. I wish the audio were more distinguishable to be able to close your eyes and listen to it. Maybe a voice telling you in-hold-out.

Perfect for people with Anxiety

I have an anxiety disorder and this app is incredibly helpful for getting you in the right speed when you've been hyperventilating. The critique about how long the "hold" time is, is valid- and it takes about 5 minutes to get used to. I think most of us breathe really shallowly and quickly, so it feels uncomfortable when we switch to longer breaths. If it feels uncomfortable, push through it, and breathe in sloooooowly and out slooooowly. It shouldn't matter what your lung capacity is, just breathe slower if you have a smaller lung capacity. After about 5 minutes of this, you will settle into a rhythm and it won't be uncomfortable. This app relies on you to put an effort into relaxing.


No settings, no timer, no instructions. Deleted!

Don't waste your time

Simple.. Yes.... Any good.. No really.... Only one speed so you can not adjust to you. Matter of fact you can not adjust anything. What they give you is it. Better ones out there

How long do you expect me to hold my breathe!?!

So I open the app and it doesn't give me any warning like don't stop breathing because the app says too. Not necessarily a bad thing because I wouldn't do that anyway. Then it thinks you have super human breathing. I don't have asthma or anything but you held your breathe for like an hour! Then you have to breathe in a lot and breathe out for a ver long time. The thing is the app has not settings! So ypu can't change the speed or anything. The good thing is that you don't have to mess around setting it up. You just straight into breathing

Helpful App

Would be great if this app had a timer or provided the ability to set timer for a certain number of minutes.

Great for special needs kids

Easy breezy to use, simple for teaching high functioning ASD kids as a calming technique, Great

Simple :)

It's a no brainer to use, great for folks who need visualization to stay focused.

Too simple

There are no options to adjust the breath rhythm, which is uncomfortable for those with limited lung capacity as well as potentially dangerous. In fact, there are no options at all. Just 3 words and a ball growing or shrinking in size. It's amazing this app manages to take up 28mb!!!


I think that having a app that forces me to just breathe is awesome, and having a app that helps a lot in getting you relaxed is great to.

Too much tinkering.

When I found this app it was before the last revision. One color. Very simple. It was ok and did the job. Then it came out with colors. Perfect! My moods are different and breathing will follow. But now, it's been tinkered with and, it's worse than when I found it. The constant words are distracting. I have no control over auto play or manual. And the colors are gone. I'm very disappointed I updated.

Does what it is supposed to do.

I was hoping for more options with regards to the timing of the in and out and the pause in between.

Beautiful Simplicity

Eloquent fool-proof relaxation. Follow the ball with your breathing / feel better. Sometimes Simple is perfect.


This app is the best. I use it whenever I'm stressed and my anxiety just melts away


Excellent for beginning meditators to help calm & focus. Also, whenever I feel my blood pressure rising for whatever reason, screamers or too much caffeine, 5 minutes using this application & all is well!! Thanks guys for a simple, no nonsense app!

Simple yet perfect.

If you suffer from tension or anxiety this is the perfect way to relax. The sounds are soothing and help you to be able to close our eyes and really focus on the breathing. Such a simple app but the peace it brings easily is not a simple feat. Well done app makers!


I noticed recently how much it doesn't help when people scream at me to relax. This app, however, totally helps me when I get upset. I often forget how much deep breathing helps over people screaming!!

Simple, clean, helpful

A great app! It's been very helpful in focusing on my breathing when dealing with anxiety.

So so

There is no way of knowing how long a session lasts... It just repeats inhale, hold, exhale... for 5min., 10min., an hour.

Pure & simple

I've always had a hard time breathing "correctly" especially during exercise and meditation. This is a perfect app for me. I love the uber-simplistic interface. No bells or whistles on this app. My only problem now will be remembering to use this regularly!! 4 stars only because I DO really wish it had something in the way of reminders/notifications! Please and THANK YOU ;)

Not what I thought

Basically... it shows a giant circle slowly become smaller then bigger. You time your breathing with it. There is nothing more at all. No timer, no setting, and no instructions. You just watch a big blue circle become small then big. Above the circle the words, inhale, hold and exhale will appear as the circle becomes small then big again.

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